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Frankfurt Listings

Frankfurt Listings: Merger Law Associates Ltd. Is the Firm Choice for an FSE listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for immediate listings and capital raising.
April 10, 2011 – London UK,
The Deutsche Börse is the wiser choice for companies to list now!
With the pending merger of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the NYSE Euronext …… this will become the world’s largest stock market by capitalization . Merger Law Associates Ltd. Will list your company in less than 4 weeks directly or within five days through one of their fully compliant shell companies . The advantages are many !
Now is the time to look at being listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ( FSE Listing).
Right now the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading center for securities and Germany’s largest exchange. It is responsible for 90 percent of the securities trading volume in Germany. The Exchange facilitates advanced electronic trading, settlement and information systems and enables cross-border trading for international investors.
And German investors, both institutional and private, are now actively searching for small to mid-size companies to invest in. With a new investment climate in Europe and changes in the OTC market in Germany the time is now ripe for all companies to enter the European public markets.
We have new listed Frankfurt Shells waiting for your project. This is the fastest way to get your company public and raising capital almost immediately. Deutsche Börse (exchange) is the world’s third largest organised exchange behind NYSE and NASDAQ, trading more than 85% of the total securities and is the largest in Germany.
The Deutsche Börse has stated that Frankfurt is the most attractive location for small and medium- sized enterprises seeking listings outside of these countries for its speed of listing and costs compared to the US and UK markets.
The people at Merger Law have been working with public companies since 1998. They have collectively, listed over 100 companies, 35 on Frankfurt in the last two years alone .They have the knowledge and skill to guide you through the process .They have also raised billions in capital . Merger Law Associates have an International team of advisors in London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Istanbul, Mumbai ,Toronto, Cayman Islands, Cape Town and Hong Kong ready to assist companies seeking a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) now.
Once you are public Merger Law Associates can assist your company further with funding through our PIPE programs or Equity Lines ,IPO’s, Public Relations and Investor Relations programs and help create
Go to Frankfurt Listings (http://frankfurtlistings.com) and Merger Law Associates will provide the FSE listing service on the Frankfurt Exchange today.
Or contact us at info@mergerlawassociates.com

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